IcefreshQ is established with an objective to offer high quality chilled and frozen seafood to GCC region. The company intends to setup state of the art processing and cold store facilities in Doha cater to the needs of Qatar and the region. In the first stage of implementation, the company will import and distribute chilled and frozen seafood within Qatar. In the next stage, the company will setup processing and cold store facilities to import raw seafood and process to various forms required by the GCC market.


Management Team:

IcefreshQ is established and managed by a team of professionals who have longstanding experience in the seafood business. The company is established jointly by Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Emadi & Mr. Sigmundur Andresson. The company operations are handled by General Manager Mr. J. Mohana Sundaram.


MOHAMMED A. AL-EMADI: Director / Owner

Al Emadi family has a rich business experience having started their family business as early as 1920s. Since then, the family is active in expanding their businesses and foraying into different business segments. Besides holding significant position in QCB, Mr. Al Emadi is managing a number of businesses of his own and IcefreshQ is his latest venture into food business.



Mr. Sigmundur has vast experience in the seafood business in Europe and holding Managing Director position in Icefresh GmbH, Germany. He has identified Qatar as a potential business hub for the seafood business and jointly promoting Icefresh Qatar with Al Emadi. Besides supporting the Qatar operations with high quality seafood from Europe, he will guide the local team with his business knowledge.


 J. MOHANA SUNDARAM: General Manager

Mr. Mohana has over 25 years experience in food retail business with core experience handling chilled, frozen and live seafood. He has more than 15 years GCC experience with extensive knowledge of operations, supply chain, quality control, retail distribution and business development.


DR. PEDRAM DEHDARI: Strategical Advisor

Dr. Pedram Dehdari has over 15 years experience and expertise for consulting in life sciences field. He is the Managing Director of Ensymm Company, Germany which acted as a consulting company for establishing the joint venture between Mr. Al Emadi and Icefresh GmbH. In IcefreshQ, Dr. Dehdari is an advisor for strategical matters and internal coordination.


MR. FABEER: Sales Executive

About seven year’s extensive sales experience in the GCC including storage and delivery of Seafood (Frozen and Fresh), poultry and meat products. Holds Masters degree in Marketing and Bachelor’s in Business Administration.